Some of our key technology partners:


Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Servers, Storage, Networking, Software

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) provides customers with leading technology infrastructure and software to help them optimize their enterprise IT with products that are scalable, secure, and agile. The HPE product portfolio includes servers, storage, networking, management software, cloud service delivery, and converged infrastructure solutions for data center, campus and branch environments. HPE software solutions allow customers to automate, accelerate and simplify IT operations, secure business processes, and improve business outcomes.

Security Solutions Services (S3) is a HPE Silver Partner



HPE Aruba Networks (HPE)

Enterprise Wireless & Advanced Edge Networking

Aruba is a leading provider of networking solutions for organizations who need strong IT networks with intelligent security everywhere that users and devices connect — home office, campus, branch office, and remote/mobile uses. Aruba Networks is a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company with products designed to accelerate your mobile and IoT initiatives, including;

• Access Points
• Outdoor Mesh Routers
• Network Switches
• Mobility Controllers
• Visibility and Analytics Tools
• Policy Management / Firewalls
• Intrusion Protection
• VPN Services


Juniper Networks

High Performance Networks

Juniper Networks provides high-performance networking products to service providers, cloud providers, governments, public sector and research organizations, and other medium to large enterprises in over 100 countries. Juniper’s industry-leading products are designed to help optimize, secure and automate network infrastructure management and operations. The company’s product portfolio includes routing, switching, firewalls, security hardware and software, as well as network infrastructure management and automation.


Pulse Secure

Secure and Seamless Access and Mobility

Pulse Secure is a leading provider of virtual, physical and hybrid-IT access and mobility security solutions to help organizations to secure their data centers, provide mobile access, and enable new cloud services. The company’s virtual private network (VPN), network access controls and mobile security solutions are scalable and deliver simple, seamless, and secure on-demand connectivity to mobile and remote workers. Midsized organizations, large enterprises and service providers utilize Pulse Secure solutions to strengthen security, simplify management and reduce the cost of deploying secure access.



Protection and Prevention

Radware's mission is to be at the forefront of technology/service advances so our customers can be at the forefront of their industry. Our DDoS protection, web application firewall (WAF), application delivery and load balancing solutions optimize business operations, minimize service delivery degradation and prevent downtime.

Case Studies:



The explosion in the use of cameras in policing and public safety has created vast amounts of video data that must be retained, tracked and secured for chain of custody purposes. Even a modest sized Police Department may find themselves generating multiple terabytes of data every year. Other public safety agencies, such as 911 Emergency Response Services, can add to the storage needs of a municipality.

A large US City needed to upgrade their storage capabilities to archive and manage current and future public safety video retention needs and to support their recently updated 911 system's faster response times, computer aided dispatch, GIS mapping and case-based evidence records management.

The team at S-3 worked hand-in-hand with the City Police Department to design and install an enterprise class storage solution. S-3 sourced the technology specifications, managed the implementation and provide support and training for staff. The new system is a 500TB HPE 3Par storage solution consisting of two 250TB storage systems mirrored to two different locations. Body and vehicle cameras automatically record and then auto-connect and upload to a media server and the 3Par storage at shift change.



A large US organization operates hundreds of mission-critical servers across a number of locations. They wanted to streamline their operations and free up their senior IT engineers by simplifying server management and replacing their current management platform, which was too complex and cumbersome.

S-3 participated with the CIO and his team in an educational process to review a deep product portfolio, develop and source specifications, provide demonstration and proof of concept equipment, implement the solution and provided support and training. The chosen solution was HPE OneView a very powerful automation-enabled tool that assists in the simplification of very complex server management practices.  Additionally, HPE OneView utilizes REST API which allows the organization's development team to extend the system using whatever scripting tools they prefer to develop their own automation schemes. The new management platform has simplified operations, eliminated complex silos and increased productivity.



Corporations and Federal Agencies are not the only organizations that have to be concerned with cyber threats. States and local government such as cities, counties and local agencies can also become targets. But local government efforts to protect sensitive citizen data and vital public services are often hampered by budget challenges, aging infrastructure and a shortage of specialized cyber security talent.

A large municipality wanted to reduce their risk of security breaches by adding safeguards to protect against, detect and mitigate breaches if they occur. Speed of detection and response was vital. According to industry research, many breaches are not even detected until as much as 8 months after the fact. That kind of delay was unacceptable to the City.

The team at S-3 worked with the City's IT department to help develop a strategy and source, install and train staff on a security solution that would meet their needs. Central to that solution is 5thColumn's next-generation security as a service offering. This automated detection and response system collects and ingests extensive info logs from the City's systems, applies AI and machine learning processes and correlating what is seen in the logs with all other customer's logs in a blind manner. This powerful process reduces the time it takes to recognize that there is an issue by 850% and immediately provides an actionable mitigation 'to-do-list' to the City's security staff. The City's new security service is delivered non-invasively and without complicated design. The solution extends the capabilities of the City's existing investments and staff.