Network security plays an ever-expanding role in today’s heavily digital business environment where we reply on technology to connect and deliver services. Threats to the networks that your business relies on are becoming more aggressive and sophisticated, and they change quickly. Adding to the challenge is an increasingly complex network security landscape fueled by cloud computing, IoT, remote workers and mobile devices. 

Reducing Risk and Accelerating Business

Allowing your business to function efficiently while supporting your critical business capabilities is just as important as maintaining strong, proactive defenses. Striking that balance means implementing an intelligent security strategy that not only mitigates and manages risk, but also reduces cost and complexity, and improves operational efficiency.

At S-3 we work with your team to assess, design and implement best-in-class hardware and software solutions that reduce your vulnerability and help you prevent, detect, and respond to a variety of threats. 




The right firewall solution can extending your network security to remote and branch offices, converged distributed networks, core infrastructure, network segments, virtual environments, devices, applications, and the cloud.

Today’s networks are vulnerable in ways that never existed before and those vulnerabilities keep evolving. It used to be enough to protect the network edge but that is not true anymore. Network security must now extend to remote and branch offices, converged distributed networks, core infrastructure, network segments, virtual environments, devices, applications, and the cloud.

Physical, virtual, next-generation and software-defined firewalls defend against threats by monitoring network traffic, blocking malicious inbound and outbound connections, and helping to identify, predict, investigate and prevent attacks.

Deploying the right firewall for your organization can help you realize your business objectives while protecting your mission-critical data, applications and infrastructure.


Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS)

Proactive Security

Well-designed IDS/IPS systems combine threat intelligence and visibility with simplified management and control.

A key piece of any security strategy, comprehensive intrusion detection and prevention systems are designed to proactively stop attacks as they are happening. IDS/IPS systems use a variety of techniques to consistently assess the data traffic flowing through your network, identify suspicious inbound and outbound traffic, fend-off breaches and alert security team members.

Well-designed IDS/IPS systems also provide threat intelligence and visibility combined with simplified management and control. Dedicated to monitoring system irregularities, IPS/IDS can also be used by an organization to monitor user compliance with security policies and deter violations.


Secure Remote Access

Secure Access to Support People, Application and Things

Security for a growing host of new and ever-evolving endpoints, connectivity options, and platforms.

We love our tech and the ease and convenience it offers, but advances in technology also add risk and have resulted in new security vulnerabilities and a growing attack surface. Applications that run outside the network, a staggering volume of unsecured connected devices and ever-expanding mobile workers and cloud usage are all adding to the challenge of securing networks and infrastructure.  

Security solutions have to be smarter and more flexible to secure all of these new and evolving endpoints, connectivity options, and platforms — and still support operational efficiency and high performance. 

At S-3, we work with your team to help you assess your needs and plan and implement a strategy to secure today’s evolving, borderless environments and minimize your attack surface.


Threat Analysis and Definition

Security in a Fast Changing Threat Landscape

Advanced systems provide visibility and control across the entire attack surface and dynamically adapt to threats.

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated every day with attacks that target every part of your network and the host of devices and people that are connected to that network. A breach can be costly both during and post-attack with the loss of sensitive data, disruption of business, cost to restore hacked data and systems, and the subsequent damage to reputation. 

To stay ahead of these threats, organizations are looking to advanced threat analysis and defense systems that can provide integrated visibility and control across the entire attack surface and dynamically adapt to threats. Not only do organizations need intelligent and adaptable detection and defense, they also have to be able to demonstrate that their security strategies meet compliance requirements.

Trying to keep information safe is not a simple task. At S-3, we work side-by-side with your team to help assess, plan, budget and finally implement strategic security solutions that protect and defend your data — and your business.