Network Infrastructure


Networking and Digital Transformation 

Mobility, cloud computing, analytics and big data platforms, and IoT are fueling digital transformation initiatives across organizations of every size and in every industry. These disruptive technologies have extended infrastructure beyond the traditional enterprise footprint and they require increased levels of agility, visibly, security and insight in the network.
Competitive advantage in the digital economy is all about speed and the capabilities of network will have a direct impact on the success of an organization’s digital journey.

Today’s network managers are looking for network infrastructure that brings new levels of speed, programmability, automation, monitoring, analytics and problem resolution.

At S-3, we work with your team to help you develop, cost, negotiate and implement new network or network refresh initiatives that move your organization forward on the path to digital transformation.


Enterprise Routing & Switches

High-availability Networking from Cloud to Campus

Switches and routers are becoming more intelligent and have grown well beyond the role of simply connecting network segments. Today’s feature-rich routers and switches are designed to help service providers and midrange and enterprise IT organizations support advanced technologies and enhance security and productivity.

Updated switching and routing technology delivers high-performance along with scalability, intelligence, fast recovery, security and centralized management from edge to core. 

Finding the Right Solution

At S3, we work with your team to help you asses, plan, source and implement the best technology to deliver intelligent networks that are optimized, secure, and high performing. We leverage our long-standing technology partnerships on your behalf to make sure that you realize the best value for your IT investments.


Enterprise Gigabit WLAN

Wireless and Mobility

Today’s wireless solutions can deliver the same security, reliability and performance as wire line connections.

Enterprise WLANs are under constant pressure from growing user mobility demands and a torrent of new connected devices. Enabling workplace mobility creates a need for high-quality wireless network infrastructure to reliably support all those devices and applications with the quality of service that uses have come to expect.

Fortunately, today’s wireless networking solutions are able to offer the same security, reliability and performance as wire line connections – providing access to network resource from anywhere on any device. WLAN systems provide trouble-free set-up, flexible installation and scalability for network growth and reconfiguration that is less complex than the efforts needed to grow your wired network.

Solutions Specific to Your Needs

S-3 engineers and consultants bring over 20 years of experience to bear to help solve your networking and mobility challenges. Our team will work with you to assess, plan, source, install and configure wireless connectivity to meet your business requirements.


Intelligent Accountable Mobility Solutions

Intelligent Management from Edge to Core

New end-to-end centralized management solutions deliver automation, provisioning, visibility, policy controls, intelligence and security in an easy-to-operate and efficient model.

A strong wireless network plays a critical role in today’s modern enterprise. The shift to digital and the growth of mobile, cloud, and IoT has created plenty of business opportunity for organizations but it also added complexity and risk. The demands on the network are growing and the technology is becoming more complex. 

To fully manage these complex wireless (and wired) networks, IT departments needs more than just access controls. IT needs end-to-end centralized management that delivers automation, provisioning, visibility, policy controls, intelligence and security in an easy-to-operate and efficient model.

Finding the Right Solution

The right wireless solution for your organization will provide many of these capabilities combined with high-performance, scalability, and the flexibility to adjust to changing requirements. 

At S3, we put our 20+ years of experience to work for you to help assess, plan, source, and implementation a mobility solution that meets your budget and business needs.